NY Gypsy Festival


About NY Gypsy Fest April 14, 2009

Since 2005, the New York Gypsy Festival has presented the breadth of contemporary Gypsy music from all over the world. The Festival hosted shows with Gogol Bordello (US), Kolpakov Trio (Russia), Beirut (US), KAL (Serbia), Ivo Papasov (Bulgaria), Balkan Beat Box (US/Israel), Acquariaga Drom (Italy), and Husnu Senlendirici (Turkey) among many others. After attending the 2006 edition, Spin Magazine excitedly declared in its January 2007 issue that Gypsy Music was the “Scene of the year.” To celebrate this milestone year, we have lined up a series of monthly events for the 5th anniversary season from April until the 3-day grand finale in September 2009.


3 Responses to “About NY Gypsy Fest”

  1. Mila Levine Says:


    My band, Milochka, can put on a great show at the festival. You can see our video on myspace, but we have grown and strengthened since the video was recorded. You can also see our pictures from Mehanata on myspace and my sonicbids.com/mila2. My gypsy band, as you can see, is just one aspect of what I do, but we put on AWESOME SHOWS– we can also supply numerous references from people who have seem us perform live. Please give me a call to discuss more details: 917-575-1970.

    Thank you!


  2. Please, wuold you send me your email adress, I’m an artist manager
    I work whit a gypsy project
    thank you

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